Healing Tools

Shamanic Drum


Used by shamanic healers for thousands of years, the drum is profound in its simplicity. Very quickly, the beating of the drum guides you into a deeper state where your unconscious is more alert to your goals and what is holding you back. We can then perceive on a spiritual level rather than the rational, physical realm our mind usually occupies in everyday life. I begin each session with the drum to help your body and mind to enhance your focus and awareness, in addition to creating a strong momentum as we move into the healing.



Reiki was discovered by a Japanese monk, Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Through the placing of hands on different energy centres in the body, reiki ensures that both the immune and emotional systems are brought back to a state of balance, zooming into areas that are restricted and weighing you down, whilst also bringing back into balance areas that are overly activated and might be leaving you feeling overwhelmed and anxious.



In the Inca tradition, all of nature is endowed with life force, including trees, rocks and plants. Every Andean healer has a mesa which contains their healing tools. The most important of these are their khuyas - sacred stones and crystals which they have been drawn towards to aid in healing. When used with the right intention, these khuyas absorb heavy energy from the body and allow it to merge back into the elements, leaving you feeling lighter and more vibrant.

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