• Steve Altman

What is Healing?

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Does anyone really get healed by someone else? The word has so many connotations. At its extreme, it conjures up images of miraculous transformation where all pain falls away and you become everything you wanted to be. On another level, healing is a letting go of obstacles.

One thing I'm becoming clearer about is that the healer doesn't heal. They can be a great help in facilitating the first part of the process - helping you to identify what is holding you back from realising your dreams and desires whilst easing the agitation and mental distress that often go hand in hand with those blockages. Yet it is then the responsibility of the person coming for the healing to begin to integrate these lessons in their lives and take step by step action now that they are freer to move forward.

Healing then is always a two way relationship and this is empowering. Whilst going to a healer has many benefits and can be transformational in different ways, never forget that you are the one who has the ultimate power when it comes to designing your life.


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