I can wholeheartedly recommend Steve's practice. My session with him was a beautiful and profound experience and resulted in a considerable emotional release. Feeling silenced my entire life by people around me, it made a lot of sense that my throat chakra was out of alignment. Steve intuitively released the blockage leaving me feeling much lighter as a result.


Unique, authentic, uplifting, considered, very calming - my session with Steve was all of these and in a perfect environment where I felt safe and comfortable and able to totally relax. I left feeling lighter, more focused yet peaceful. A very big thank you Steve.


Steve offers a unique healing experience in a safe and grounded space. I felt deep relaxation and a sense of peace and wholeness after he skilfully guided me through a shamanic journey through my body and soul. A powerful experience!


Walking into Steve's working space is walking into a calm space that mirrors Steve's being. The tools of his trade - a stag hide drum, feathers, ritual stones, a shaker etc - are laid out like an altar. He quickly took me to a deeply relaxed state (I nearly fell asleep at one point - delicious!). The drum and shaker resonated through my being. The chanting infused with power and a deep meaning. The visualisations brought me to a sense of aliveness, lightness and light which remained with me for some time despite the drive home through the rush hour traffic. The insight that came to him at one point was deeply resonant, and helped in the unlocking of a long held bodily contraction. The blend of treatments that are fluid and dependent on what arises, work beautifully together. A visceral, deeply loving experience.


The perfect experience of healing, balancing and integration enabling the light to shine in whilst facilitating the gentle release of that which needs to be let go.


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